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3 Industries That Must Have Video Marketing Strategy


In the era of millenials society, everyone wants to feel the sensation of easy life and instant of the various lines of life. A simple example is the decline in interest in reading among the public, and switch to an increase in online video viewer. Here it can be seen that the majority of people tend to prefer to add insight about something, or are interested in finding out about a product or brand through video rather than writing literacy. Here are some industries which need to use video marketing strategy to increase brand awareness of the company:

1. E-Commerce

As an e-commerce company that is based online, both customers or potential prospects customer of your product will definitely be exposed to advertising from similar products either through a digital banner add, and advertising through social media. And sometimes even the promotion of your product quality is not enough just to photograph or banner ads alone. Through video marketing that you make, color, shape and quality of your products will be more apparent by the consumer, so that will further boost the confidence and loyalty raises in the minds of consumers.

2. Travel & Hospitality

If the meaning of a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is the meaning of hundreds of thousands of words. In the public service industries such as travel and hospitality industry, in the form of audio-visual promotion of a beautiful and attractive is a very important thing. Appearance of products / services offset by an attractive visual service is guaranteed to be quite appealing to the consumer.

3. Health & Education

Health and education are two things that are quite important for the whole society. Therefore, trust from the consumer of your product or service is very important. Therefore, it is not enough to just do promotion services through one point of view. Through the video, you can display all kinds of facilities and a wide range of viewpoints services of your company, so that creating trust and brand loyalty in the minds of consumers.