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Importance Of Marketing Plan For A Brand


Successful marketing plan is just the same to having a successful business. Marketing includes extensive work as a way of advertising, promotion, public relations, and sales. The marketing plan or marketing plan is an important part for you to get a lot of consumers. When the marketing plan or sales plan is not well thought out then you cannot reach the target that you would expect. An example of a marketing plan or marketing plan can give you feedback on how you should emphasize market planning, product and human resources that you have for your company. Here are the steps to create a marketing plan.

1. Executive Summary

To ensure that the parties to cooperate with you to understand more about your company, the marketing plan, you should outline the intricacies of the company you keep.

2. Design Customer Target

So that your company can market the products or services offered to customers with a good and proper Sasran, you must specify the target customer in the marketing plan you adopt. The more specific, the easier also to attract the attention of your customer target.

3. Explain Unique Selling Proposition

Carefully describe some of the uniqueness of the products or services you offer. Determining the product positioning in the market as it can show a difference compared to competitors' products. Uniqueness, creativity and excellence is essential to differentiate our products in the market

4. Pricing Strategy and Positioning

With the USP and the target market that you have specified, you can specify appropriate positioning  for the product or service that you offer in your marketing plan. You can also specify a price range appropriate for the products and services that you have so that it can give the right image for your brand.

5. Distribution Strategy

After determining the price and positioning and consumer behavior at the stage of determining the target customer, you can plan the distribution activities to sell products and services. This is one part of the marketing plan that should not be forgotten.

6. Promotional Strategy

Marketing activities are carried out in order to run smoothly, it is better if you immediately formulate promotional strategies in accordance with your company in a marketing plan that will you adopt. You can create an ad on television, press releases in various media both online and traditional, and also compiled the events held on the moment and the place in accordance with the target customer. Do not forget the online marketing activities. In the modern era like this, a lot of internet users who search for information in order to meet their needs.

7. Estimating the Budget Plan Details

In any financial planning may be the end result will not be exactly 100% after the process is running. However, with their marketing budget plan estimates the marketing plan that you create, outline you will get an idea about the planned activities to be carried out for a specified period.

Those were the things that need to be considered in making a marketing plan. A mature marketing plan and detailed will provide a great advantage for a product or brand. Of the marketing plan is created, you will know what steps are in accordance with the marketing of your product.