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Media Line@ for The Development of E-commerce


Business stratup particularly in the field of e-commerce is now increasingly in demand by the public, along with advances in technology make it easier for entrepreneurs to promote their brand or product. Like Line@ as new media platform that is loved businessmen and marketers because of the ease of use.

Line@ is a new service from the LINE app that serves to manage, promotions, and communicate with consumers directly. The main focus of the Line@ itself is to foster a startup in the field of e-commerce in particular, because the e-commerce itself is a startup that is moving online, and more work virtually.

The features offered by Line@ was very neat to manage customers, but it is free and very easy to apply. As well as the features Unlimited Followers, Up To 100 Admin Members, Timeline Sharing, Broadcast Message, and Auto Reply. With Followers Unlimited feature, you do not need to create multiple accounts, just one account through Line@ because you can collect all customer contacts are not limited. In addition, through features 100 Member Admin you will more easily communicate with customers because you can directly chat with many customers simultaneously.

Broadcast Message also be additional features that will make users not only broadcast text, but also photos simultaneously to your all followers. Not only that, when you feel you need to rest, Auto Reply feature will be very helpful because when your customers complain or ask questions about your product, Line@ will sends messages automatically according to the message settings that you have set. In addition you can enjoy holidays with calm, you do not need to fear your customers will be angry because of the slow response.

With the Line@ and its features, will be a lot of e-commerce will be helped in the promotion and marketing. Moreover, in terms of brand awareness will also facilitate e-commerce to strengthen its brand image as Top of Mind in society.