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Promoting Your Brand through A Story


As the time goes by, the format of promotion strategies are now beginning to develop. Mediocre campaign strategy format is more likely to be avoided by consumers; they are not enthusiastic and not even care. What If, the promotional strategy turned into a story?

Storytelling is now vastly used by several brands to build their brands. Storytelling is part of the promotional strategy must also have a neat design. Some brand have been successful in building company image through the storytelling,  let say Paddle Pop Ice Cream with the adventure story, Aston Martin with the James Bond story and the latest Brand, Line, that has been successful with the story of Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2.

Consumers now use emotions to consume a brand. These emotions can be built using a story, make a brand into the minds of consumers attached. Brand association through the story can be built. In storytelling is also a process of developing the characters and scenarios. It is necessary to revive the brand and bring the brand to life raised in the story. From the construction of the story, it can be measured on how big an impact on the performance of a brand story. Storytelling should create a happy ending for the story itself, and for the brand.