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Social Media Algorithm for the Promotion


For businesses and brand owners, the existence of algorithm called to be favorable to the promotion of products and brands. What are the advantages?

The Posting Will not be Lost

There is an assumption that the algorithm can "eliminate" post from an account. In fact, the opposite is true. Without the algorithm, our posting will be swallowed by thousands of other competing post got the attention of social media users. In the end, we do not know whether the post we are perceived by our target or not. In other words, the algorithm directs the content to users that precisely matches their interest, not eliminate content. The amount is less than the number of users in social media, but the focus is more obvious.

Precise Target

The algorithm works by observing the habits of the owner of the account. Our interactions with followers or with friends, in reaction to a post, know the page that we like and things - other things that appeal to owner's account. With this algorithm capital, social media will change the "grain" in the timeline of the account owner. In short to be seen is the post - post the most relevant to the account owner's profile. From this it can be seen that it is actually beneficial for a brand, because the post is issued it would be appropriate to market the brand owner.

”The use” of Social Media User Timing

With the algorithm, the timeline of the visits is post - post in accordance with fondness the owner of the account. It is the aim that users spend more time on social media. The target market of the brand owner will spend at least one hour in social media. The account owner brand will have a greater chance to be seen as social media users linger on social media. Plus, if we account holder brand provides interesting content and have a nice engagement. Brand message was conveyed well in social media, and the owner of the brand has managed to put the right post for the target.