Strategi Menciptakan Brand Loyalty


Brand loyalty is a major requirement for the companies brand that will always and increasingly in demand by consumers. People who have high loyalty to a brand is called brand evangelist. If the customer would mostly buy goods in accordance with certain criteria that needs are met. Unlike the brand evangelist, who loves the brand has chosen. They will not care about the price factor and constraints stock, because they consider that brand as a fixed price. The brand evangelist will voluntarily promote brands they love to friends and family through word of mouth. Here's how to get a brand has many loyal followers:

1. Find Out The Needs of The Target Market

In psychology, humans are always motivated to meet their needs. If you can find out the needs of what is needed by consumers, you can fulfill by making your brand as fulfilling the needs of consumers. Then, conclude what the best solution they can get through your brand, with unique things also the specific benefits of your brand.

2. Make Meaning of a Unique Message as a Promotion

Arrange brand message in the form of a short story that will explain how unique your product in a fullfill solution of the consumer needs. In addition, create a unique tagline that will provide a meaningful message for the customer.

3. Community Build Brand Evangelista

Humans are social creatures who need others to share their stories with others. Provide an opportunity to excite fellow customer for mutual opinion about a brand, either through your social media or website comments column in your brand, and build their own communities.

4. Brand Philosophy

Show philosophy of interesting and unique about the company and your brand clearly to customers. This is to draw customers that are interested in becoming a brand evangelista. Customers who feel comfortable with your philosophy, will automatically become customers are always loyal.