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Amazing Ideas from Creative Team


Communication industry requires a high level of creativity. New ideas have to keep popping up because of the high level of competition. Teamwork Communication Industry has a Creative Partner division that are engaged in creative ideas, conceptually and visually. Creative Team are tasked to translate the client brief received from Team Marketing, which then make a creative concept. After getting the concept, Creative executes in two things: visual ideas and verbal ideas.

Visual ideas include visual, that is delivered through the media in the form of design that aims to inform, influence, to change the behavior of the target audience with the objectives to be realized. While the visual language used in the form of graphics, signs, symbols, illustrations / photographs, typography, fonts, and many more. The verbal ideas such as creating slogans include copywriting, tagline, headline, or a billboard with an interesting choice of words and made an impression to the readers.

In Creative Partner division, the main thing is the idea. Because with the idea, we can create the works that are booming and certainly can satisfy the clients. Creative team is also often face very tight deadlines. One of the Creative Team, Jeffery Novianto, said that the team has ever faced the five projects with the same deadline. Eventhough should face the pressure, Creative team is always working the projects on time and with the precise results anyway. This can be happened because of solid teamwork.