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Build The Spirit From Interior Design


Continues the previous article regarding the design office Teamwork Communication Industry, there is still a lot of uniqueness of the Teamwork interior design. When visiting Creative Partner division room, you will see the entrance to the form of people who raised their hands. The entrance is not only a form of creativity, but it means that the Teamwork always excited and have high spirits.

On the other side of the office, if you explore the rest of the rooms, there is writing quote spread across the walls of the rooms. The first time you see is a quote that reads “One cannot not communicate”, the famous words of Paul Watzlawick which is very famous in the world of communications. The quote means that everything we do is a form of communication, even silent is one form of communication. Another quote says, "Products are created in the factory, brands are created in the mind.” The meaning is that one of the tasks of Teamwork is to make the brand has always been in the mind of the consumers. There are many more quotes that scattered throughout the Teamwork Communication Industry office that is meaningful and becomes a form spirit Teamwork in their works.