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Building Brands with Marketing Partner


Nowadays, marketing in communication industry plays an important role. In order to create brand awareness, product promotion, and significant sales, a Marketing role is needed. Teamwork Communication Industry has a Marketing Partner Division. Using the Integrated Marketing Communication, Marketing Team is ready to present effective marketing strategies. Marketing team is also create a brand identity, then build it to be recognized by the target market. Furthermore, marketing team proactively makes planning, supervise and responsible for the whole process, until evaluate in order to reach customer satisfaction.

One of Teamwork Communication Industry Marketing, Hilda Nurina Sabikah, said that working in the marketing world is fun and exciting, because she can interact with many people and learn a lot of new things. Marketing is the connector between the client and the team. Marketing team also has responsibility to translate the client brief to the team in Teamwork Communication Industry and ensure that all the client needs are fulfilled. Moreover, the Marketing Team should have a good relationship with the clients. Hilda also said that in order to achieve client satisfaction, required a great teamwork. Solid teamwork will maintain good relationships with clients as well as with the internal team. Marketing Division of Teamwork Communication Industry is always ready to meet all the needs of clients.