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Creative Resources in Teamwork Communication Industry


In a company, we understand that the role of Human Resources Development is endless. Starting from preparing the job description, job specification, recruitment, selection, hiring, orientation, training & development, compensation, payroll, promotion, to recruitment. Working culture in a company that engaged in creative industry is indeed a bit different than at other companies. So did with its human resources.

Teamwork Communication Industry that engaged in the field of creative industries have treatment in recruiting employees and daily culture in the Office. The tactics did not vary much compare to other companies, such as job opportunities that are spread through job search sites, or directly to college campuses.

But according to Novita, Human Resources Development Teamwork Communication Industry, the approach method that used to recruit an employee indeed is somewhat different. For example in order to recruit for Creative Divison, Human Resources Development of Teamwork Communication during this time should discuss with the Senior Creative, so the feels would be aligned with the culture of Teamwork Communication Industry.

The office culture, however, is not much different from other creative companies. Human Resources Development can not force the employees to work and stay in their room, but they can be moved around and doing their works at any room in the Office environment. Likewise the daily fashion, Human Resources Development also can't force her creative workers to dress formal as in other companies. To develop human resources, Human Resources Development of Teamwork Communication Industry submitted its officers in the creative workshops, e.g. Imago Creative Conference and Pinasthika Workshop.