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Media Partner in Teamwork Communication Industry


What will happen with a promotional strategy without media application? Media Partner is one of the divisions of Teamwork Communication Industry, which serves as the solution of brand that needs to involve media in their promotion. The tasks of the Media Partner: media research, research on which media are potentially high, then media planning, planning on a media campaign in accordance with the needs of a particular product. And then, media buying and media placement, purchase the spots of media that are required and the media placements for the promotion of a product.

Tiara is one of our team in Media Partner division, she has worked for 1 year 2 months in dealing with the media. Tiara has a team in performing the duties of the Media Partner. Project of the Media Partner that currently running is Semen Gresik Tax Payment of Shop Signs across Indonesia. Every project undertaken by the division Media Partner had many difficulties but it can be resolved easily because of strong teamwork. Media Partner divison of Teamwork Communication Industry is ready to fulfill the needs of media for every brands.