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Teamwork Communication Industry’s Office


Teamwork Communication Industry is located at Graha Pena, 9th floor, suite 905. Office of Teamwork itself can be fairly unique because it has a distinctive interior design. Once you step on the 9th floor, you will immediately see the golden logo of Teamwork above the white walls. Then you will be greeted with the quote, "Let's Embrace, Let's Gather, Let's Forge, Let's Collaboration, Let's Team Up." That quote represents invitation to cooperate and to show that Teamwork’s identity is always put solid teamwork first.

Not far from there, you can see an enormous fingerprint design, and between the lines it says "Honesty, passion, dedication, ideas, attitude, brand orientation, solution oriented service." It represents the spirit that forms in Teamwork. When you enter into Teamwork office, there is a door security system in which only the crew of the Teamwork is allowed to enter. Inside the Teamwork office itself, very familiar with atmosphere of David Carson design where there are many irregular writings but still form a word. The shape of David Carson design gives a modern touch for every room interior. The choice of green color on the office walls means that green color represents a fresh vibration and positive spirit. Many more things in Teamwork office that we will share, stay tune on our website for the update!