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Social Media Can Activate Digital Business


Inevitably this modern world, businesses or digital businesses are now increasing. Digital business can thrive only with the help of social media. We do not need to bother to build a store, or even create your own site, so other people can see our products. Besides we do not need to establish a branch in any physical store. We only need to take a photo or video, then display in our business social media accounts. Moreover, as we do the sales digitally, our efforts can be known by almost all ages, because it cannot be denied all people now have their own smart phone, from the young to the old.

Social media also is where buyers can interact to discuss our products. We can add a photo or video of our products with an interesting caption, enter a keyword searchable on Google, and use the hashtag when posting. After making a purchase, buyers will take advantage of social media to create a testimonial that serves to maintain our existence in the virtual world as good and reliable seller. And it is a big impact with low cost than other types of promotions.

Some other suggestions, if you find the idea for the name of a product, we should build their social media accounts first. Because if you want to wear it later, but the name was already in use or already exists that has virally in social media, it will be difficult to find another name for the product. And a lot of free applications that we can use to reduce the cost of sale, for example by using Facebook Ads, Instagram, or mini blogs like Tumblr or Pinterest.