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The Essence of Teamwork

Our professional resources and your valuable insight will optimize opportunities to reach potential consumers. Together, we can build a joint force and work with the most strategic moves to achieve the best results.

Unity is Strength.
When there is Collaboration.
Wonderful Things Can be Achieved.
Mattie Stepanek, American Poet

Our Journey

Teamwork has come from a long journey in its existence. Started out from being CV. Teamwork in June, 2006, then change into PT. Teamwork Kreasi Media in March, 2011. As it from January, 2015 Teamwork has used the name of PT. Inspirasi Prima Nusantara untill now.

Together We Are Stronger

We will build a solid partnership, combine strength to focus on the best implementation to optimize your brand equity, adhere to local culture and values as a core ideas of communication.

Serving The Perfect Mix

We thrive to create the ultimate mixture of ideas that will help a brand to excel, through our preceptivity and insight ability, flexibility in understanding the brand, and diversity in experience.


An effective communication and integrated system of collaboration will lead us to reach the target successfully. Because when in sync, things work well and even better.

Aiming Well

Seven divisions in Teamwork share a common priority : Focus on your target. We believe that every brand is unique, and we are dedicated to spread in efficiently to targeted consumers who will benefit from its uniqueness.