Divisions | Teamwork Indonesia


Offering Integrated Communication

Brand Building / Brand Strategy / Brand Identity

Starting from understanding your brand, identifying its strategic position within the defined target, lining up executions in the most effective ways, and nourishing it in every step of the process until the results are achieved as expected or better.

Identifying Current

Market Research / Consumer Behaviour Research

Teamwork is supported by solid research partners who work in sync and will ultimately fortify the development of brand ideas.

Discipline Eyes

Graphic Design / Idea Development

We will turn out passion and commitment into the act of seeing what everyone has seen, but thingking what no one has ever thought

Making The Right Move

Media Monitoring / Media Research / Media Planning / Media Buying

We have built a strong relationship with media in Java, our land of origin. Simultaneously, with years of experience, we have succeeded in establishing a stronghold in other areas across the Indonesian archipelago.

Expanding Awareness

Website / E-commerce / Application / HTML Template / Web Layout / Domain / Web Hosting / Startup / Maintenance
Search Engine Optimization / Buzzer

To expand communication and reach more audience, it is essential to also build and increase a brand's existence in the digital world.

Turning on action

Brand Activation / Event Strategy / Event Handling / Launching / Selling / Gathering

All new effective communication with consumers requires more than a "call to action" strategy, it should involve a "recall to interaction" experience.

Creating Difference That Works

Venue / Booth / Sound System / Material Promo / Display Product

Our event property service will develop effective strategies for your brand to stand out from the rest and increase its favorability among consumers